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Proppants are necessary in the process of hydraulic fracking for extraction of shale gas and oil from shale rocks. Proppants are a key factor in the development of shale gas extraction in Poland and make up 4-6% of total costs of drilling, each time being up to 10% of the volume of fracking...

Shale gas news

API welcomes EPA report on falling U.S. emissions

WASHINGTON, April 15, 2014 ─ The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) latest report shows that natural gas continues to help shrink America’s carbon footprint, said API Spokesman Zachary Cikanek.

Baltics Hastens New LNG Import Plans to Elude Gazprom

Amid the political upheaval in Ukraine, the Baltic region hastens new LNG import plans to elude the Russian gas import in the long-term and decrease considerably the reliance on it in the short-term.

Australian firm’s horizontal drilling hits reservoir in India

Australia-registered Oilex have reported reaching total depth on a tight oil play and finding a commercially viable hydrocarbon reserve.

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